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La Roja o ninguna

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David Villa & David Silva

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¡Gracias por todo Guaje!

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Fernando: “David’s been fundamental to the success of this team and this is a family. I’m happy he had the privilege to score again. Perhaps the most important moment of the day was seeing David smile and prove that he’s still one of us. Today David is the best news.”

David: “Fernando’s a unique player. He’s been through some tough times and this (reaching a 100 caps) is a great moment in his career and I have to congratulate him because he deserves it for all he is as a person and how he’s suffered. We’ve been teammates for a long time through both good and bad times. That’s why I’m happy for him and I know there will be many more matches to come.”

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David Villa + World Cup


Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.6)

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David Villa ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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The wake up call

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